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John Gavin, Actor in ‘Psycho’ and ‘Spartacus,’ Dies at 86

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Spartacus Review

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Spartacus: Blood and Sand

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Instantly, he eventually had to cut all but one of the obvious battle scenes, due to greater audience reactions at essay screenings. Jan 01,  · Read the Empire review of Spartacus. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination.5/5.

Directed by Stanley Kubrick. With Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, Charles Laughton. The slave Spartacus leads a violent revolt against the decadent Roman Republic. He next appeared in the Michael Curtiz-directed “A Breath of Scandal,” starring Sophia Loren and Maurice Chevalier, but far more important was the film after that: Hitchcock’s “Psycho.

I'm posting the same review for SPARTACUS: THE GLADIATOR and SPARTACUS: REBELLION because I can't imagine reading one and not the other. It's one story and it's a brilliant one. Nov 17,  · Watch video · Directed by Stanley Kubrick. With Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, Charles Laughton.

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A review of the film spartacus
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