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Gung Ho!: Turn On The People In Any Organization

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Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles, authors of the book Gung Ho!, discuss the process of getting an organization involved, productive, and energetic. By following simple guidelines set by the grandfather of the character Andy Longclaw, the Walton Waterworks #2 was able to recover from the threat of being shut down and become a role model for the.

Creating a Gung Ho Culture

The company, which was founded by my friend Jim Mudd Sr. was celebrating 20 years of using the principles of Gung Ho!, a book I wrote in with Sheldon Bowles from Winnipeg, Canada.

I met Sheldon through the Young President’s Organization (YPO) when I spoke at one of their big conferences. Despite this one criticism, Gung ho! is a book I would readily recommend to anyone in a position of management.

Being short, easy to read and to the point, it is also the sort of book that a manager could buy for all members of a team as a precursor to a team discussion or as the basis of a. "The recent book ('Gung Ho!') describes how small-unit tactics and basic warfare skills often can overcome larger forces dependent on the latest technology."-- Aviation Week, 15 October Nov 25,  · gung ho (comparative more gung ho, superlative most gung ho) (informal, derogatory) Very enthusiastic or energetic.

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No matter how gung ho you are when you start, you will tire as you become mired in details. The book Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles [1] presents a simple but powerful technique for tapping into the latent energy of the members of a team or group.

The subtitle of the book is "Turn On the People in Any Organization".

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