Indian and the cupboard book report

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Please cool book report ideas for the Indian in the Cupboard?

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The Return of the Indian

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Book summary of The Indian in the cupboard?

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Feb 21,  · Best Answer: if you can do anything i would get a cardboard box and make cupboard doors on it and even draw the wood lines. and then make everything else inside of it.

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maybe if you watch the movie you'll get some ideas? hope this helps!Status: Resolved. That is the real story of The Indian In The Cupboard () and its sequels, one I didn’t appreciate until than anything else, the first book is about stereotypes and the.

The problem in Indian in the Cupboard is that of, a 9-year-old boy receiving a magic cupboard for his birthday, only he doesn't know it's magic until he puts a toy Indian in it and watches it. Some questions I have created which cover the different assessment focus points for reading (these are labelled next to each question).

There are about questions for each chapter. In this latest installment in the award-winning Indian in the Cupboard series, Omri's fascination with the little people of the cupboard has matured into an obsession with discovering the origin of th.

The Indian In the Cupboard. By Lynne Reid Banks Report a Challenge; Challenges to Canadian Publications Abroad; BROWSE THE CHALLENGED WORKS LIST. The Book and Periodical Council thanks our sponsors and supporters for their generous support of Freedom to Read Week. BE SOCIAL.

Indian and the cupboard book report
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