Pac copywriting a book

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7 Highlights from The Copywriting Cure feedback session (of which there were many…)

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The Personal Computer in Advertising.

When Is It Okay To Copy Your Competitors?

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Samuel Sauls

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Creating a Membership site This can be the holy grail in providing residual income, what if you had only people paying you £10 a month.

The ABC of Copywriting contains all the best ‘how to’ posts from this blog, along with several sections written specially for the book. It’s 98 pages long and contains 27, carefully chosen words. PacRim Marketing Group, Inc.

has promoted Saiko Nozaki to Producer and New Media Marketing Manager. She was previously Editor/Manager of Hawaii Arukikata, PacRim Marketing Group’s commercial online Japanese web portal site about Hawaii.

Pac copywriting a book
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