The crazies review

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The Crazies review

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The Crazies

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Make no mistake-"The Crazies" is a horror film. You may have read that it's really a modern remake of an old George Romero horror film by the same name. Trouble City is an unfiltered look at Pop Culture, Media, and the World.

It's an antidote to the B.S. in plentiful supply. Review: Lest we make the mistake of underestimating George A. Romero’s influence in the realm of contemporary horror cinema, now might be a good time to take pause and reconsider.

Director Breck. Critics Consensus: Tense, nicely shot, and uncommonly intelligent, The Crazies is a horror remake that, unusually, works%. Feb 26,  · Watch video · The Crazies is effectively scary, mixing human emotions with raw blood and gore and endless edge-of-your seat thrills. of people found this review helpful.

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The crazies review
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